How Do I Apply for a
North Slope Job?

"Hey Mary - I want to apply for a North Slope job that I read
about in your newsletter. How do I do that?"

"I found the Jobs page on your site. Where are
openings listed and how do I apply for them?"

"Is there one North Slope application that I can
submit to be considered for multiple jobs?"


If you saw a job in one of my newsletters, you'll need to visit the website of the company that advertised it (links are provided on the Jobs page). Search through their employment listings and then apply directly with that company.

To find openings, visit the websites listed on the Job page and look through their Careers or Jobs section. You will then apply for your North Slope job directly through the company website.

Each company is different. Some require you to fill out an online application. If you can, attach a resume to your application when you submit it. Other companies only accept resumes and do not provide an application.

Also, some companies don't list their jobs online. In this case I suggest you call their HR department and ask how they advertise openings.  I'll include information on how to apply for these offline jobs when I list them in my newsletter, the North Slope Insider.

Whatever the application requirement, be sure to do exactly as requested. The North Slope hiring process is very competitive and failure to follow directions can disqualify you from consideration.

You can also subscribe to the North Slope Insider. In my newsletter I list the latest jobs being advertised by the companies shown on the Jobs page.

As for there being one grand-daddy-of-them-all North Slope application that you can submit to be considered for all manner of jobs...sorry. It doesn't exist. Each individual company does its own hiring so you'll have to apply for each position separately.

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