North Slope Alaska Oil Field Descriptions

There's much more to the Alaska oil fields than just Prudhoe Bay.

While Prudhoe Bay is the largest and most recognizable of the north slope oil fields, there are other significant developments such as Kuparuk, Alpine and Exxon's new Point Thomson development.

In addition, there are numerous smaller fields such as Endicott, Milne Point and Oooguruk. In fact, as of today (Fall 2013) there are over 22 separate oil fields in production.

If you're looking for work on the slope you'll want to be familiar with these additional Alaska oilfield names and locations. You'll have a much better idea of your work location and to a certain degree, the work conditions.

Worker housing for smaller fields is usually just as comfortable as those found on the larger north slope oil developments. Some smaller locations actually have nicer rooms for the workers because the facilities are newer. What you will find is that there just aren't as many amenities.

The larger and more established Alaska oilfield camps offer things like: saunas, basketball courts, racquetball, extensive weight-lifting and cardio rooms, movie theatres...the BOC at Prudhoe even has a pool!

To find out more about living conditions on the slope you'll want to check out my Camp Life page where I discuss housing, recreation and most

The links below will provide you with more detailed information about the many Alaska oil fields in the North Slope oil industry.

Prudhoe Bay 

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