The Anchorage Daily News is sponsoring a Fall Job Fair on Wednesday, September 23rd (details below). Attending will be a variety of North Slope employers, some of which will be collecting resumes & providing information about anticipated jobs. If you live in the area, I suggest you attend to do a little “schmoozing”.

Job fairs are a great, low stress way to meet the players involved in the actual hiring process. Even if there’s not a job for you at the fair, you’ll have the opportunity to establish a relationship with the people involved with future hiring.

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Contact the Daily News at the number below and ask for a list of vendors.

  2. Do your research before the event and highlight those companies that interest you. Know something about their business.

  3. Bring along a little notebook and different versions of your resume tailored specifically to the different types of jobs you’re interested in.

  4. Stop by and talk to the people at the various booths. Shake their hands. Get their business cards. Ask about current and anticipated openings in your field of work. Try to also chat about something not work-related – your goal is to make a personal connection. This is a quick meet ‘n greet so don’t monopolize their time.

  5. As for that little notebook – immediately write down information about the people you spoke with and what you talked about. List details that will help you remember who they are (physical description, nicknames, quirks, anything at all) and what kind of responsibility they have with their company. Write down the non-work related chat you had. Add as many details as possible. Do this right away so that the details are fresh in your mind.

Here’s where that personal connection will come in handy.

If sending an email in response to a job opening, start by mentioning the connection:

Hello Robert,

I enjoyed meeting you at the Job Fair and appreciate the information you shared with me about camping along Nabesna Road…

Ahhh. Now Robert can connect YOU personally with the JOB you’re applying for.

You can do the same thing over the phone. “Hi Robert, this is Mary White, we met at the Job Fair and talked about camping along Nabesna Road…”

This personal connection will always work to your advantage, provided you make a good impression!

Here’s the info about the ADN Job Fair:

Recruit The Best Of The Best!

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 10 a.m-5 p.m.

1600 Gambell Street, Anchorage, AK
Contact Information Phone: 907-257-4414

That's it for the Job Fair. Currently advertised North Slope jobs are listed below.

Remember, to apply for a position you’ll need to submit your application/resume directly with the company advertising the opening. You cannot apply for a job through my website.

Links for each employer can be found on the Job Resources page of Once on a company’s website look for a “jobs” or “career” link. When you find the position you're interested in, apply directly online with that company.

  • Fueler
  • Well Support Tech

  • Asbestos Abatement (with CCI)
  • Laboratory Tech (with Kakivik Asset Management)

  • General Foreman (construction)– CHOPS
  • Inspector – Electrical Quality (short-term start in Sept.)
  • Inspector – Coating Quality (short-term start in Sept.)
  • Human Resources Generalist
  • HSE Specialist
  • Heavy Duty Mechanic-Fleet Shop
  • Heavy Duty Mechanic-VMS
  • Pipefitter
  • Sheetmetal Worker

CH2M HILL is still advertising for 2 out of the 3 initial Inspector positions. These assignments are short-term. You’d work one hitch, the duration of the project, which is approximately 6 weeks. These types of jobs typically pay a day rate (negotiable & lucrative) and you would be expected to work every day for a standard 12 hour shift.

As these inspector jobs require specialized skills & certifications, I’m confident that if you’re from out-of-state that they’d buy you a round trip ticket to get you to & from Anchorage. Your transportation from ANC to/from the slope is always provided by your employer.

It can be difficult for companies to find qualified Inspectors in Alaska on short notice. If you do indeed have all of the qualifications asked for in the posting then apply immediately.

  • Flight Attendant

This flight attendant position is for the employee charter flights traveling between Anchorage, Fairbanks and the slope. It’s based out of Anchorage and is not rotational but I thought I’d list it anyway. The attendants who work these flights say that this is a dream job. Everybody boards and deplanes quickly, is well behaved (mostly!), they put away their own carry-ons and they listen to instructions. Hassling the flight attendants is reason for dismissal so folks tend to be on their best behavior.

  • GC2 Long Range/Business Planner

GC2 stands for Gathering Center 2 and is one of BP's facilities. If you visit Craigslist and search the jobs column for GC2, you’ll hit on this ad.

I did a little research and found that this listing is being run by recruiter Swift Oil & Gas. You can view their posting of this same position here:

  • Housekeeper (updated)
  • Kitchen Helper (updated)
  • Operations Manager
  • Superintendent
  • Quality Control Inspector
  • Quality Control Supervisor
  • Cost Schedule Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Materials Coordinator

  • Bullcooks/Second Cooks
  • Housekeepers

  • HVAC Engineer

  • VFD Electricians
  • Roustabout
  • Rig Mangers
  • Motorhands
  • Forklift Operators
  • Hydraulic Mechanic
  • Floorhand
  • Electrician
  • Drillers
  • Derrickman
  • Assistant Driller

I spoke with Lucille Smith, Staffing Manager at Parker Drilling in Anchorage, and she assured me that yes, Parker is still hiring for the above positions. The rig is scheduled to go online in January 2010.

  • Administrative Specialist/Storekeeper
  • Directional Driller

For more information about these and other North Slope employers visit the Job Resources page of

Thanks everyone and best of luck to you all,