Just a quick email to let you know about some spill response jobs with Alaska Clean Seas.

Alaska Clean Seas is the primary spill response organization on the slope. They provide response services for BP, ConocoPhillips, Shell, ExxonMobil, Pioneer and Eni.

Because much of their work involves boating operations, ACS is keen on hiring commercial fishermen, marine mechanics, and Coast Guard personnel.

Alaska Clean Seas doesn't advertise openings that often. They offer a good wage, paid vacation and their benefits package includes both a pension and a 401K with matching funds. They don't experience much turnover.

If you're fit, handy and can run a boat...read on!

Note: The various Alaska Clean Seas Spill Response Jobs listed below all have a closing date of January 21, 2011. To apply for a position listed below you’ll need to submit your application/resume directly to Alaska Clean Seas.

Links to Alaska Clean Seas can be found on the Job Resources page of www.AlaskaPipelineJobInfo.com Once on the ACS website look for an “Employment” link. Alaska Clean Seas accepts resumes via email, fax and snail mail.

If asked where you heard about these job openings, please mention my website. Thanks!

  • Lead Response Tech - Immediate Hire
  • Lead or Support Spill Techs (multiple) - Hiring within 4-8 weeks.
  • Support Mechanic / Spill Tech (multiple)

Don't forget, if asked where you heard about a job opening, please mention my website. The more familiar employers become with AlaskaPipelineJobInfo.com the more opportunities I'll be able to bring your way.
For more information about these and other North Slope employers visit the Job Resources page of www.AlaskaPipelineJobInfo.com

Thanks everyone and best of luck to you all,